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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Automated Tournament Rules

Automated tournaments provide a fun new way for players of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne to compete with users around the world. Entry into automated tournaments is open to any player of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, regardless of level or experience on any of the Warcraft III ladders. Several different types of tournaments are available for play, including One vs. One, Arranged Team Two vs. Two, and Arranged Team Three vs. Three.

Tournament Entry
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne automated tournaments on begin with a 3-hour preliminary round. Players enter a new tournament simply by selecting the Play Tournament Game button and playing a game using the tournament game type. The Play Tournament Game button is only accessible if you are sitting idle in a chat channel. The button is not available if you are playing a game, viewing a profile, or waiting to play an AMM game. If a player does not enter the tournament by clicking on the Play Tournament Game button during the first 30 minutes of the 3-hour preliminary round, that player may no longer enter the ongoing tournament.

Players of any skill level, record, or ladder level may enter a tournament.

Tournament Games
To ensure that the automated tournament remains on schedule, tournament games are limited to 30 minutes in length. Tournament games also use a slightly modified game type with some additional rules. This tournament game type is automatically chosen for players when they select the Play Tournament Game button.

Players do not have the option to change their map preferences in tournament games. will randomly determine the map used for a game from the list of available maps for the tournament's format.

After 25 minutes of a tournament game have elapsed, the entire map is revealed to all players. If the game still has not been completed after 30 minutes, then the game will automatically end. The game result each player receives is then determined by a comparison of each player's game rating. A player's game rating is determined using the following formula:

Game Rating = (Cost in gold and lumber of all player buildings and units alive at the end of the game) + (Combined experience of all player Heroes alive at the end of the game)

If a player or team has three times the game rating of his opponent at the end of a preliminary round game, then that player will receive a win, and the opponent will receive a loss. If neither player has a game rating three times higher than his opponent, then the game results in a draw for both players.

During elimination round play, there are no draws. If a game reaches the 30-minute time limit, then the player or team with the higher game rating is declared the winner. The time limit for the final match of the tournament is extended to 120 minutes, with the entire map revealed after 100 minutes.

Preliminary Round Play
The preliminary round uses a "Swiss style" format, where players with similar records are matched together as opponents. When a player hits the Play Tournament Game button to start a new preliminary game, will attempt to match the player with another player who has an identical preliminary round record. If cannot locate a player with the same record quickly, then will expand its 플레이어 찾기 to include players with similar records.

The preliminary round lasts 3 hours. Players may attempt to play as many tournament games as possible during the time allotted. Players may only begin games during the first two hours of the 3-hour preliminary round period, and all games must be completed and reported to by the end of the preliminary round. Players may play a maximum of 8 preliminary round games.

At the end of the 3-hour preliminary round, the top 16 players advance to elimination round play. determines the top 16 players by converting the records of all entrants into points. Points are awarded as follows:

Win = 3 points
Loss = -1 points
Draw = 1 points

The 16 players with the best point totals advance. If there are more players with the same point total than slots available in the elimination round, then will attempt to resolve the tie.

The first criterion used to break a tie is a comparison of the strength of the opponents faced by each player. Opponent strength is determined by averaging the point totals of all the opponents that the player has faced in the preliminary round. Players with the highest opponent averages will advance to the elimination round.

If the first criterion still results in a tie situation, then will randomly determine who advances to the elimination round from the pool of players with the same point total and same strength of opponents faced.

Elimination Round Play
After the preliminary round is complete, will inform all tournament players of their ranking within the tournament. Players in the top 16 are informed that they advance to the elimination round. There is a 10-minute break before the elimination round begins.

The elimination round consists of four rounds of single elimination match play. The top 16 players from the preliminary round are seeded into a bracket, with the #1 player matched against the #16 player, #2 vs. #15, and so on. Players who lose a game are out of the tournament, while winners move on in the bracket to face their next opponent.

Elimination round games are held every 35 minutes, with 30 minutes allowed for the game and a 5-minute break. Due to the automated nature of the tournament, players must make sure they are sitting idle in a chat channel when their game is scheduled to start. Failure to promptly join your scheduled game at the designated time will result in an automatic loss and removal from the elimination round.

The winner of the final elimination game is the winner of the tournament.

Tournament Formats
There are several different formats that can be used for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne automated tournaments. These include One vs. One, Arranged Team Two vs. Two, and Arranged Team Three vs. Three. Some tournaments may also restrict entrants to only using one specific map, or a particular race option. Check the tournament website here for a full listing of scheduled tournaments.

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