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Tournament Tips

Here are some tips that will help you perform better in the tournaments!

Play Some Practice Games
Try to play some practice games on the tournament's maps before the tournament starts. This will allow you to discover any holes in your strategy and warm up for the tournament.

Arrive Early
Arrive about 30 minutes or more before the tournament. This can give you time to play some practice games, or find teammates for a team tournament if you don't already have them.

Don't Waste Time
Try not to waste any time during the tournament preliminaries. One of the challenges of automated tournaments is playing fast enough to play all 8 games allowed in the preliminaries. This means you should begin playing tournament games the second the tournament starts. After the game is over don't waste time looking at the stats screen (save a replay and watch it later) or spend time talking about the game afterwards in the chat channel. You can talk about the previous game while you're waiting for a game to be found or during the start of the next game.

Tournament Etiquette
If you are very sure you're going to lose the game, surrender and start another game as quickly as possible. Instead of focusing on continuing a game where you know the likely outcome you should start a new game where YOU could be the ones who win! This also allows the winning players to get on to their next game.

Stick with your teammates until the end of the tournament. If you quit playing during the tournament after the first half hour of the preliminaries has elapsed, your teammate won't be able to play any more games in the tournament.

Wait for the Results
After the preliminary round of the tournament is over, make sure you look at the results before leaving If your record places you near the top 16, wait until the preliminary round is completely over to find out whether or not you advanced to the finals. Some last minute game results could change the standings, and you don't want to miss out on the finals by not being on

Other Tips

  • Don't overly focus on any losses. Whenever you start searching for a new preliminary game, will match you up with a team with a similar win-loss record. So even if you lose a few games, you'll soon find yourself matched up with other teams of similar skill. This makes for more exciting, evenly matched games where you have a better chance of winning and earning tournament icons!
  • It's often advantageous to pick races that compliment each other in team games. Every race has something unique to bring to the battlefield.
  • Be nice. Don't talk trash. You never know when you might play these players again and lose to them! Then it might come back to haunt you. =)

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