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Tournament F.A.Q.

How do I sign-up or join a tournament?
"Signing up" for a tournament is as simple as hitting the Play Tournament Game button that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the chat screen. There are no forms to fill out; just start playing games when the preliminary round begins. Note that new players or teams may only join the tournament during the first half hour of the preliminary round. So, if you do not start playing a tournament game during the first half hour, you will not be able to play games in the rest of the tournament.

Can anyone join an automated tournament?
The regularly scheduled automated tournaments are open to any player, regardless of record or level on any of the ladders.

I was on but I never saw the Play Tournament Game button appear? Why?
The Play Tournament Game button is only available if you are in a chat channel. If you are playing a game of Warcraft III, viewing a profile, or checking ladder statistics, you will not see the button.

The schedule on the Web site said the tournament started at 5:30, but when I logged onto at 5:30 the tournament had already started? Why?
Before you browse the tournament schedule, make sure you set your local time zone on the tournament Web page. If the wrong time zone was selected, the tournament page would display incorrect times for your local area. Also, make sure that you are viewing the tournament schedule for your appropriate gateway.

How can I see how well I'm doing in the tournament?
As a tournament progresses, the results of the games are posted on the Tournament Web page for your gateway. There will be a link to the current ongoing tournament available, where you can view the current status of the tournament. You can view your current standings in the preliminary round, as well as the records of the top 1000 players or teams. After the preliminary round is completed, the single-elimination bracket for the tournament finals can also be viewed.

How fast does the tournament status update on the web?
It can take up to 15 minutes for results to appear on the web servers, but the results usually appear much faster than that.

Why do I want to play in tournaments if I'm not going to win?
You can earn special tournament icons by winning tournament games in either the preliminary or final rounds. These icons are unique to players who have participated in tournaments, and are themed around the members of the Burning Legion. Every time you play a game in the preliminary round of a tournament, also attempts to match up players with similar preliminary records. So, even if you lose your first few games of a tournament, you'll soon be playing other players of similar skill and increase your chances of winning a game and earning a new icon.

The Archimonde icon requires 500 tournament wins to earn? No one will ever be able to attain that!
The numbers listed are for tournament game wins, not winning the entire tournament. Players can thus win up to 8 games in the preliminary round, as well as 4 games in the final round.

In addition, players who reach the finals receive bonus wins depending on how they place, according to the table below:

Round of 16 - 3 bonus wins
Quarterfinals - 5 bonus wins
Semifinals - 10 bonus wins
2nd Place - 15 bonus wins
Winner - 25 bonus wins

I was undefeated in a tournament but I still did not qualify for the finals. Why? determines the top 16 players who will advance into the finals by converting the preliminary round record into points. A win is 3 points, a draw is 1 point, and a loss deducts 1 point from a player's total. By this method, a player who is 6-1 will have a better point total than someone who is 5-0, and would advance over the player with the 5-0 "undefeated" record.

I had the same record as another player, and he qualified for the finals but I didn't? Why?
If there are not enough open spots in the final round to allow all the players with the same record to advance, then tries to "break the tie" to determine who advances.

The first criterion used to break a tie is a comparison of the strength of the opponents faced by each player. Opponent strength is determined by averaging the point totals of all the opponents that the player has faced in the preliminary round. Players with the highest opponent averages will advance to the elimination round.

If the first criterion still results in a tie situation, then will randomly determine who advances to the elimination round from the pool of players with the same point total and same strength of opponents faced.

Where can I view how many tournament games I've won?
The in-game player profiles viewable on currently do not show your tournament record, but a player's Web profile will have detailed information about a player's tournament play.

Are there any special prizes for tournament winners?
We have no plans for prizes to be awarded to the players who win automated tournaments at this time. However, the status of having competed against some of the best players on, winning one or more tournaments, and receiving special tournament icons will certainly make for a rewarding tournament experience.

Will you change the tournament maps for the standard tournaments?
Yes, we can change what maps are offered for tournament games and may make adjustments over time.

Why are there no automated four-vs.-four or FFA tournaments?
While these game types have a respectable following on, they are not as popular as solo, two-vs.-two, or three-vs.-three games. Therefore our automated tournament system does not provide support for these game types at this time. We will possibly add this support in the future.

Why are there no automated random-team tournaments?
While randomly matching players up into teams can be a very fun and enjoyable way to play a single game, this does not work as well for an entire tournament.

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